St Valentine's Day
SWAPX team 09 Feb 2017

The clock is ticking - have you made a plan for Valentine's Day yet?

Everyone is aware of St Valentine's day. From an early age it is a significant event. In schools up and down the country, children are fretting over how many Valentine cards they will receive. Or, worse, the ultimate embarrassment when your mother sends you an anonymous card pretending that someone out there loves you!

But how did it all come about? It's a Christian liturgical feast day to honour saints named St Valentinus. The day gained some momentum in the 14th century during Chaucer's time when 'courtly love' flourished but it didn't become the commercial occasion that we now recognise until the 18th century. Flowers, confectionary and 'Valentine' cards started to be exchanged on 14th February, Valentine's Day.

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Today the travel, hotel, restaurant, florist and dating industry rely on a big boost from sales around 14th February.

SWAPX has sourced some special deals for you on the panels opposite (such as £20 off Eurostar fares to Paris}. Should you feel inclined to treat someone special. The next question is "how do you impress your lover without being too corny?". It's obviously a very personal thing; a three-course meal at the local Harvester restaurant would be one person's nightmare and another's idea of a romantic gesture. But, rising above the fray, there is no disputing that Paris is pretty much everyone's idea of the city of romance. It's not an original or brave choice but that doesn't matter. Nothing says love like a night or two in Paris!

If you want to be more adventurous, The Telegraph has compiled a list of the 10 most romantic hotels in Europe one of which is The Witchery in Edinburgh. The restaurant was once described as 'the most romantic in the world' and 'the prettiest ever' by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. Being an expert on all things theatrical, this is a solid recommendation! He is also a part time restaurant critic. The Guardian calls it the 'ultimate romantic bolt hole'.


Wherever you choose to spend Valentines day, do not leave it to the last minute as the best venues will be booked and buying flowers from the local garage is akin to saying "I don't really love you very much at all' !




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