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SWAPX team 02 Mar 2017

Holidays are precious; deciding how to spend them is important.

Today, the variety of options available is extraordinary and a whole tapestry of factors need careful consideration. Most people do know roughly what they want - some are pool lounging book-readers while others like to go on an adventure. Staying in a hotel is very different to renting a villa just as enjoying a cruise with 4000 other people on a vast 'all-inclusive' ship is not the same as chartering a yacht. 


We are going to narrow it right down and explore one very specific and fantastically expensive option: chartering Savannah, one of the most extraordinary ocean-going mega-yachts currently available to 'borrow'.

Savannah was built for Swedish mining billionaire Lukas Lundin. At 275 feet long she is the largest metallic-painted object in the world.

Her interiors are breathtaking in their scale (for a yacht) and employ really clever use of light. Interestingly the word 'savannah' refers to a mixed woodland / grassland ecosystem where the trees are sufficiently widely spaced that the canopy does not close - allowing light to reach the ground. 

The yacht even has a semi-submerged lounge where you can see above and below the waterline.

Savannah accommodates just 12 guests who are looked after by up to 26 crew. At £10,000 per-day-per-guest you would certainly hope for a high crew to guest ratio!

The master bedroom is notable for its wall of glass and oval skylight - one of the many reasons that Savannah was voted Motor Yacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards, 2016. 

From the open dining room you can survey your chosen secluded anchorage or revel in your good fortune moored stern-to at the quayside of a Mediterranean port - while people walk by trying to get a glimpse inside your floating palace.

Savannah isn't just beautifully crafted wood, fine fabrics and gorgeous proportions. Under her metallic skin she has a very efficient hybrid diesel /electric propulsion system via rotating azipull propellers:

Apart from being able to glide silently through the water she is also 30% more efficient compared to her peers.

With all the sports toys and boats you can imagine, including an onboard basketball court, Savannah would make an extraordinary holiday base for you and five other couples. Plying the Western Med in summer or Cuba and the Caribbean in the winter, she is available "from 1 million euros a week" via uber-smart yacht brokers Edmiston. You could also have a look at the other wonderful yachts they have on their books using their website.

If you do win the lottery you can enquire about Savannah via the New York office on +1 212 792 5370 

All photos courtesy of the Edmiston website.


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