Take control of the costs of overseas spending

Business travel expenses can be full of surprises with expense reconciliation and variable exchange rates.
Most expense card products convert GBP to currency as you spend. This means you have no visibility over future expense costs until they occur.
SWAPX for Business allows you to buy currency in advance and then allocate it to cards ready for the trip.
So you can control your costs and predict your cashflow

Try for one month and see what you think

Allocate Euros and Dollars at the rate you decide

Then spend your funds as you require, simply by loading your employees business expense cards before they travel. Any other currency - no problem, just load the sterling wallet and go.


Absolute control creates cashflow peace of mind

  • True exchange rate transparency
  • Exchange rate control
  • Visibility on cash flow
  • No more surprises with expense reconciliation and variable exchange rates

Buy currencies at a fraction of the cost of all major card providers.

Ensuring transparency over FX rates meaning no more nasty surprises to cashflow when its time to pay the credit card bill.

You can load each users card with either Euros or GBP depending on where they are travelling.

The GBP wallet will dynamically exchange for the in-country currency required to pay, wherever they are in the world.