New tech is coming...
06 Jan 2017

Following on from Alex, I thought it was time I penned a brief "hello", from the tech department @SWAPX.

With much activity and a growing awareness of FinTech start-ups through 2016, we're extremely excited to be part of this new age, and to have the opportunity to play our part in the transformation and modernisation of travel money services.

Within the FX space, there has been much publicity surrounding transparency and openness on service fees, roaming charges and commission for customers buying, selling, sending or swapping foreign currency.

SWAPX is very much a part of this new movement and we aim to be as competitive as the rest when it comes to offering great value multi-currency services, but at SWAPX we're taking this a step further.

We're designing an API that enables the spirit, features and benefits of our SWAP platform to go beyond the borders of our own brand and technology. When SWAPX releases to the general public in January 2017, we will be simultaniously releasing our partner program to a network of like-minded, forward thinking brands and organisations whose customers love the idea of social currency.

We will be providing more information on the SWAPX API over the coming weeks and for those organisations who are interested in pre-registering with us, then please head over to our partner page for more information and and opportunity to register your details.

(You can check out my bio on the website for more info on me if you like.)

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