03 Feb 2017

As head of digital marketing and social media I thought it appropriate to say 'hello' on the SWAPX blog. 

When I started out in sales and marketing back in 1997 there was one communal PC in the corner of the office, no smartphones and certainly no social media. It's hard to believe that Myspace wasn't launched until 2003, Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006. To find out the final score after an Arsenal game was just about possible using my Orange Nokia phone but it took quite a long time to scroll down each menu on the LCD screen. If you had told me that my dog would have 1100 followers on Twitter by 2016 I would not have taken you seriously. Was that a sneaky invitation for you to follow him? Yes it was: @colindedog

To find a 'live' exchange rate in 1997 you would head straight for Ceefax or Teletext (heavily pixelated info pages on your TV which required refreshing often). Travel money? That would be cash or Travellers Cheques.

So in an age of universal connectivity and fin-tech disruption it is fantastic that SWAPX has exposed the travel money cartel and built a social app where you can connect directly with other travellers and circumvent the Banks and Bureaux completely. I look forward to lots of interaction with new friends and customers alike - social media only works if it is a two way street.

This journey is going to be enjoyable.

Alexander Wright, November 2016

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