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SWAPX aims to become the best value travel money service anywhere.

Our mission is to make travel money free by creating our own exchange - fuelled with currency which is swapped online and on mobile, peer-to-peer, from one traveller to another.

Whilst we are spreading the word and building the community at SWAPX, there will be some charges to use your account and card. These fees are explained in our Help Center. Quite simply, the more of us we get swapping currency instead of buying currency, the quicker those charges will come down, and the quicker we will achieve our mission.

SWAPX represents a much fairer and more straightforward alternative to the financial institutions of the past - giving travellers a better deal and a more rewarding experience. We believe this approach gives our community a unique opportunity to be part of something very special indeed.

The Team

Simon MIles Co-founder and CEO

Simon started his career in the city, and brings over 20 years experience to SWAPX in Deliverable FX. It was this journey that led Simon to think of launching SWAPX.

“I had thought for a long time, why do we have to get bad exchange rates when we travel?“

Since 1996 Simon has worked directly in the retail space for deliverable FX. Acting on behalf of both FTSE 250 organisations and private clients buying their dream home abroad. This experience means that Simon understands exactly how to make the financial transaction as seamless and secure as possible. Couple this with a simple and practical user interface and you have the perfect combination.

Once Simon and Scott sat down and put together the blueprints for creating a platform where travellers could connect, share ideas, SWAP currency instead of buying it, and spend - SWAPX took shape pretty quickly.

The mission is to change the way we obtain foreign currency for our travels, and to change the whole philosophy around connecting travellers globally, from insular travelling bubbles - to a complete community exchange.

“Simon’s role is strategic partnerships, brand development and expansion. With a global network of influencers, Simon is best placed to get swapx the attention and exposure it deserves."

Scott James Co-founder and CTO

As co-founder of SWAPX, I have always been motivated by great User Experience Design(UXD) and the relationship this has with disruptive technology. I'm fascinated by these two facets of the digital world and the forces they posses to reshape established markets, and to shake-up tired or lazy incumbent service providers. 
My background started pre-internet, when computer CD-ROM's were the richest source of digital information and when mobile phones were only good for making and receiving calls. Since those early days where I worked as a multi-media designer, and as the internet and mobile devices evolved, I moved into programming, where I led technology services for global corporations and prominent brand campaigns for a number of London-based design agencies.
In 2010 I moved into the Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) market developing targeted services for some of the UK's largest transport providers.  For the last few years, my focus has been in online payments within the travel sector. Working closely with creatives and leading commercial operators to evolve new services which improve customer experience, whilst reducing operational costs for companies at the same time.
Bringing these skills and experience to bear on the SWAPX platform has not been by chance. It's been a long held ambition to work on an travel money solution that offers customers a clear alternative from Banks, Bureaus, and Travel agencies and it's not simply about offering a better price. With SWAPX, we are driven to create a product which has an obvious mass-market appeal and a universal feel good factor every time our customers interact with the product. 
"Scott is involved in all aspects of the design & build process including research, planning, promotion and market testing. He has a production background in both UXD and software development and leads the strategies for web and mobile development including analysis, optimisation and continuous improvement."

Alex Wright Head of Marketing

Alex created the concept of offering private clients access to commercial exchange rates in 1997 and went on to establish a highly successful Private Desk at HiFX. Most brokers now offer this service to their clients which is especially useful for people buying overseas property or emigrating abroad.

Since HIFX, Alex has advised on marketing foreign exchange with Global Reach Partners, Direct Sharedeal and Hargreaves Lansdown PLC. Alex was also an Investment Manager at Ingenious Investments, explaining complicated financial products to Banks and IFAs.

Alex likes to focus on the customer experience, to make it personal and easy. The ways to communicate with clients have expanded in the new digital age but the approach and tone is the same. Social media makes everything more personal and it is now possible to tailor and target messages vert accurately. Clients like to know how they will benefit, how the provider makes money and most importantly how easy it is to use. With SWAPX there is a genuine and tangible benefit as well as an online social community with the app. It is the perfect product to market.

Robert Davies Non-Executive Chairman

Aged 64, Robert is a Chartered Accountant and a member of Institute of Taxation. He is a major shareholder of Ospreys Rugby and until recently Swansea City Football Club

After qualifying in 1978 he was a founder of Liberty Properties which developed the stadium where both these rugby and soccer clubs now play and which is named after the property company he founded Liberty Properties, a property investment,development and construction group from which he retired in 2003.

For 19 years to 2008 Robert was a non executive director of various NHS bodies in Wales in either a Chairman or Vice Chairman capacity. In this time he was directly accountable to Government for the health of a population of 1m and annual financial accountability of £1billion+. He also Chaired the all Wales review of IM+T.

Robert has been involved in many other Companies in Finance, Healthcare and Security Software, and Property, in the UK, Europe and the Americas. He currently resides in Monaco.

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