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to travel and spend

You get the true market rate* for your travel money, giving you more to spend on every trip.

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Welcome to SWAPX

It's free** to
SWAP currency

Just enter your details and we'll match you up with one or more of our travellers to get you started.

Collect rewards
on your SWAPX Card.

From great deals to insightful travel tips - we'll do everything we can to make your next trip even more rewarding.

14 currencies.
All on one card.

The SWAPX Multi-currency Prepaid MasterCard® is the only card you'll ever need when you're travelling abroad.

Save up to 80% on traditional Bank & Bureau charges

When you SPEND in any of our 14 supported currencies there's no FX fees* and no commission* to pay.

Terms and conditions apply

SWAP currency for FREE**,
at the true market rate*.

When you need travel money for business or personal trips abroad, you no longer need to buy currency from a Bank, Bureau or Travel Agency. 

SWAP currency & start saving with SWAPX
You get

Our rate:
You save

vs your bank
info How did we calculate it

SWAPX true market exchange rate:
Allowing for SWAPX load fee: %
Average bank exchange rate:

Average bank exchange rate simulated from the travel money rates of a range of high street banks.

Rates updated:

Collect rewards when you travel abroad.

When you SWAP currency you earn points.
Your points are valuable and can save you even more money when you travel and spend with SWAPX.

14 currencies.
All on one card.

SWAPX is the only card you will ever need for your travel money.
You can use your SWAPX Multi-currency Prepaid Card anywhere MasterCard® is accepted, in millions of locations around the world. Use it to shop online, on the high street, or to withdraw cash at home or abroad in up to 14 currencies for free.*

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Head on over to our FAQ's page to discover answers to all our frequently asked questions and if you still need help then use the contact form to ask us a question.

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Bank online or use the App - it's totally secure.

When you SWAP currency your protected against many types of fraud and your money is instantly available to spend on your SWAPX Prepaid MasterCard®.

Beat the Banks and Bureaus.
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